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    Hey friends and strangers! Cheers for checking out my blog.. I am just going to chuck everything I can, my work, my inspirations, my travel photo's.. EVERYTHING, on here for your viewing pleasure. Peace! xx
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Frictionless Design Choices

Originally posted on Learning by Shipping:
No one wants friction in their products. Everyone works to reduce it. Yet it sneaks in everywhere. We collectively praise a service, app, or design that masterfully reduces friction. We also appreciate minimalism. We love when products are artfully distilled down to their essence. How do we achieve these…

This guy is.. just wow

Amazing interview with Mike Giant, watch it below! x

56 Degrees

This was a collaborational project between one of my fellow Communication Design classmates, Letitia Margalski and I.T Developer and post grad student, Henry McConnochie. Letitia and I produced the design of the website, while Henry executed it, transforming our concept into a fully functioning, WordPress website. The purpose of the site was to showcase the … Continue reading

Vector love

An assortment of my vector work, including fictional music posters and one off illustrations.

Enviromental Presentation Illustrations

These are a selection of illustrations I did for a client to aid a presentation he is giving on sustainability, at conference in Philedelphia. Ink drawings + modified/ coloured in Illustrator.

Family Photo

The Communication design team, in fine form. What an awesome bunch of talented people!! You should definitely check out the work of Robyn AdamsonĀ  http://robynaadamsondesign.wordpress.com and Alice Berry – http://alberryice.wordpress.com/ two very talented emerging designers.

Solid gold quotes!

You know those movies you see, or those songs you hear and there is that one, memorable line that you end up reciting over and over for the rest of the day? Yeah you have so been there! Well so have I.. Here are a couple of typographic posters I created, inspired by some of … Continue reading

Beasty Apparell

My minor 3rd year project was to create a brand identity for a clothing label for a close friend of mine – Aleisha Hutchinson. Ali (a third year fashion design student) came up with an awesome sweatshirt design and I came up with a set of screen printable illustrations, logo and swing tags. If you … Continue reading

Interactive Music Video

For my final assessment, over 8 weeks I had the pleasure of designing and creating an interactive music video for local Dunedin band “Thundercub”. Using flash, I hoped to create an interactive + visual + listening experience for the user. Taking the music video to a whole new level, by introducing a game aspect to … Continue reading

Hello world!

Heey hey hey! Welcome to my first blog EVER. Take a look around. Thanks for dropping in! x